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Inspired Development by Randy Bronkema

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“I hate this fund-raising thing!”

I hear this statement almost everyday from the station managers and directors that I work with. People that have a passion for the non-profit organization they are a part of. People that have to “fund raise” in order to do the work they believe in; work that is changing the world.  Maybe you can relate to this scenario: You are sitting in a meeting, looking for new and fresh ways to do this year’s share-a-thon, trying to find more creative and inspired ways to prepare your direct mail. Year after year, you are beginning your planning season by asking, “How many share-a-thon’s this year?” Planning is crucial for success, true – but it is equally important that you stop and decide what it is you are doing. You have to define what fundraising is, why you do it, and what you believe about it. Maybe the question we should be asking is, “As a Christian, what is fund-raising to me? What is it to my team, what is it to my ministry?” We must discuss this and ...

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  1. Re: What is Your Purpose?

    Putting the passion back into in our ministries! Great message, Randy! Paul summed up our participation...

    -- Will Stevens

Inspired Development
by Randy Bronkema
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About Randy

I've spent most of my life helping non-profit organizations pursue their vision. My passion is to help non-profits reach their communities and grow discipleship through development.

My work with Christian universities, Christian academies, missions groups, radio stations and local churches really gets me going. Underneath all the work is a real desire to see leaders grab hold of the opportunity God has given them.

Whether major gift development, annual fund plans or donor strategy, I rely on many of the business disciplines from the corporate workplace at JC Penney and Amway Corporation.

I enjoy working with young men to become strong leaders in their families, workplaces and churches. I started The Timothy Project a few years ago to work with men in my local community.

You can find out more about how I help non-profit organizations and how to contact me here.

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