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I Choose Another Way


All my life I have dealt with this emotion in me called passion. This emotion arises as my greatest strength and my greatest weakness. My passion draws people to me and what pushes people away. I have heard things like: “Calm down. You come on too strong. You’re turning people off….” There were times when it seemed risky to be authentic and put my greatest strengths in the same room with my greatest weaknesses. If criticized, it would not be my work but my soul that was called into question. I had to ask myself if it was worth it. I once gave a presentation to a potential client. When I finished, the client told me that I came on too strong. After the meeting the potential client became nervous about working with me and we lost the contract. I felt hurt and thought what they said must ring true. Maybe I really did come on too strong. I was angry and began to doubt myself, asking questions like: “How can I speak differently? How can I calm down, slow down, attract more people, alienate less people?” More ...

  1. Re: What is Your Purpose?

    Putting the passion back into in our ministries! Great message, Randy! Paul summed up our participation...

    -- Will Stevens

Inspired Development
by Randy Bronkema
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About Randy

I've spent most of my life helping non-profit organizations pursue their vision. My passion is to help non-profits reach their communities and grow discipleship through development.

My work with Christian universities, Christian academies, missions groups, radio stations and local churches really gets me going. Underneath all the work is a real desire to see leaders grab hold of the opportunity God has given them.

Whether major gift development, annual fund plans or donor strategy, I rely on many of the business disciplines from the corporate workplace at JC Penney and Amway Corporation.

I enjoy working with young men to become strong leaders in their families, workplaces and churches. I started The Timothy Project a few years ago to work with men in my local community.

You can find out more about how I help non-profit organizations and how to contact me here.

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