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Steward Journal

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Building on a Vision

When your ministry leadership comes together, what is the main thrust of the discussions? Is it current issues and concerns or the long-term mission for your organization? The key to effective leadership is finding a balance between the short-term problems and issues that are always present and the long-term vision of your organization. Every leadership meeting should place the short-term concerns in the context of the overall vision for your ministry. Once you as a ministry leader focus on what you want to accomplish for the Lord, you can set priorities, establish goals, define needs, and plan action steps. Advocace can help your leadership develop a strategic plan for transforming the vision for your ministry into reality. We don’t just hand you a cookie cutter plan; we work with you side-by-side to make sure we implement the action steps necessary for your ministry to succeed in its mission and realize your vision. Advocace. Building a community of support around a cause. Yours.   ...

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    Steward Journal
    Steward Journal

    Everything we have in life, the things we own, the relationships we have, the work we do, are gifts from God. The LORD is the owner of all things; we are his stewards. As stewards we have a responsibility to be faithful to the Master and we are accountable to Him for how we manage what He has entrusted to our care.  

    The Steward Journal offers insights into what it means to be God’s stewards in our work and in our walk.  Our prayer is that by better understanding stewardship, we can become good and faithful stewards of God and serve Him by serving one another.

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    Steward Journal