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Blogs: Practical Insights In Pursuit of Your Vision

What drives great ministries?

Advocace is committed to discovering the components that help our clients achieve their vision and goals.  Through our blogs, Advocace team members offer practical insights for organizations that desire to pursue a big vision.

VIDEO: Planned Giving for Your Small Ministry

Is it possible to start a planned giving program even in a small ministry? Yes! Whether you're a leader in a small, medium, or large Christian ministry or nonprofit, you can start a Planned Giving Program... read more...

David Hollenbaugh03/25/2015

A Live and Vibrant Board

My business revolves around helping Christian nonprofits become the best they can be. Over the years I have learned that reaching that goal can become difficult when many moving parts have to work as one... read more...

Randy Bronkema03/24/2015

How To Fail At Major Gifts

You may have read your fair share of blogs, articles and even books on how to successfully raise major gift funds. I'm writing you today on just the opposite—this is a blog about how to fail. Usually... read more...

Jerry Grimes, CFRE03/17/2015

The Tale of Three Boards

Some time ago I attended a leadership conference. Over lunch with a few colleagues, the topic moved to how we were relating to our respective Boards of Directors. We had known one another for some time... read more...

Jamie Clark03/11/2015


They are on the Board, of course they should be “on-board” with the organization. But that’s not always the case, is it? In fact, just this past week I heard an executive director utter these very words... read more...

David Hollenbaugh03/10/2015

My Excitement to Work with Christian Nonprofits

Do you wake up every morning with a specific, God-given vision for your ministry? As a life-long follower of Jesus, my goal each day is to help Christian ministries and nonprofits, like yours, fulfill... read more...

Jerry Grimes, CFRE03/04/2015

Giving and Getting in Christian Higher Education

In the last two weeks, several leaders have expressed to me the same concern. The question asked arises frequently, but in these instances focused on Development in Higher Education. I thought it was a... read more...

David Hollenbaugh03/03/2015

Change Your Language; Change Your Perspective

A few weeks ago, I went out of town to visit a client. On my way to the airport I received a call from a friend who asked where I was going. I said, with a note of resignation in my voice, “Oh, I’m headed... read more...

Randy Bronkema02/26/2015

Advocace’s Motivation for Working with Christian Nonprofits

God has given me this great vision: Help Christian ministries and nonprofits reach their vision and take forward the Gospel. There could be no better way to spend my days than fulfilling this purpose.... read more...

Paul Martin02/20/2015

Truth for Christ and the Church

Founding Vision Not many people remember that Harvard University was founded to train young men as pastors. In accordance with that vision, Harvard's "Rules and Precepts," adopted in 1646, stated (original... read more...

Jamie Clark02/13/2015