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The Threshing Floor

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Firstfruits Living

      In the Bible, people of faith, from Abel through Zachariah, offered firstfruits to the Lord. The offering was always an act of worship and an act of thanksgiving. God is the owner of all things, and whatever resources we have in the world come from Him. To offer back to the Lord the firstfruits means to return to the Lord the best of what He has given us. It is an act of personal sacrifice and an act of faith in which we recognize who God is, our provider, and who we are, stewards of his provision. Each of us is called to commit ourselves to “firstfruits living,” a life in which we offer the first and best of life to God in worship, and using the rest in ways which honor God. 

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    The Threshing Floor
    The Threshing Floor

    In the Bible, it is on the threshing floor the wheat is separated from the chaff. Men do the work by tossing the harvested grains into the air, but they allow the elements, the wind, to provide the winnowing power. 

    The Threshing Floor offers insights into how you can better accomplish the work of your ministry. Advocace is the wind which can help distinguish what is useful and what is wasteful in your harvest. Our prayer at Advocace is that through our experience and knowledge of nonprofit fundraising and development, we can help you better serve the Lord through your ministry

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