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The Threshing Floor

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Giving Sanctifies the Giver

We may be tempted to think of giving as being all about the recipient. After all, the money a ministry collects does much good. It aids the work of the ministry, helps promote the gospel, and delivers aid to those in real need. What we may overlook is that the Bible teaches us that giving also is of benefit to the giver. When Paul made an appeal for funds he told the Philippians: “Not that I am looking for a gift, but I am looking for what may be credited to your account” (Phil 4:17). Paul is stating that the giver is blessed by his act of generosity, since he earns credits to his account in heaven (not credits toward salvation, but credits toward the degree of rewards believers receive in the afterlife). Jesus and Giving In the Gospels (Mark 10:16-18, Luke 18:17-19, Matt 19:15-17), Jesus offered the Rich Young Ruler a chance to be blessed by giving away his wealth, which Jesus saw as an impediment to his repentance. How Do We Give? The question for us is: are we giving in way which earns u ...

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Sacrifice and Stewardship

When we honor God as stewards of all He has given us,the Bible inspires us to make freewill offerings to the Lord. These are motivated by the heart (Exod 25:2,35:5-29;           II Cor 9:7), and reflect our faith in Christ by whose death, burial and resurrection we have been given a new heart by grace through faith. Our offerings to the Lord, a return of a portion of what the Lord has graciously given us must involve sacrifice. We honor God when we give of ourselves and actually have to pay a price.  David reflected this truth when he sought a piece of land for the site of an altar to avert a plague he had brought upon the people. The landowner offered to give the land to David for nothing. David, understanding that anything he did for the Lord had to come at a price to be honoring, refused the gift. David said ““No, but I will buy it from you for a price. I will not offer burnt offerings to the Lord my God that cost me nothing” (2 Samuel 24:24). Bein ...

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Sabbath Rest as Stewardship

Stewardship is not just about treasure; it’s about time as well. God worked for six days in His Creation and then, finished, He rested. That pattern of work/rest is one God modeled for man and commanded in the Law. Why is rest so important to God? The Sabbath is an opportunity for us to stop and recognize God and our relationship with Him. He is the Creator; we are the creature. He has given us life, an allotment of time, and the mandate to work (Genesis 2:15). Our time spent at work is a noble commitment and gives glory to God when it serves the purposes of God. In His wisdom He also appointed a day of rest on which we also are to honor Him. The Sabbath then is a gift of our time back to the Lord. It is not actually our time; it is God’s time which He has graciously gifted to us. We are merely stewards of that time. By resting and turning away from our work, we also turn away from our self-directed desires, worries and concerns. The Sabbath rest is not about us. The Sabbath is set aside for our ...

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Firstfruits Living

      In the Bible, people of faith, from Abel through Zachariah, offered firstfruits to the Lord. The offering was always an act of worship and an act of thanksgiving. God is the owner of all things, and whatever resources we have in the world come from Him. To offer back to the Lord the firstfruits means to return to the Lord the best of what He has given us. It is an act of personal sacrifice and an act of faith in which we recognize who God is, our provider, and who we are, stewards of his provision. Each of us is called to commit ourselves to “firstfruits living,” a life in which we offer the first and best of life to God in worship, and using the rest in ways which honor God. 

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    The Threshing Floor
    The Threshing Floor

    In the Bible, it is on the threshing floor the wheat is separated from the chaff. Men do the work by tossing the harvested grains into the air, but they allow the elements, the wind, to provide the winnowing power. 

    The Threshing Floor offers insights into how you can better accomplish the work of your ministry. Advocace is the wind which can help distinguish what is useful and what is wasteful in your harvest. Our prayer at Advocace is that through our experience and knowledge of nonprofit fundraising and development, we can help you better serve the Lord through your ministry

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