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The Rescue Mission Development Outlook from Advocace

Rescue Mission Development OutlookAs a rescue mission leader, do you ever wonder…

  • What is working with major donors today?
  • How much is too much direct mail?
  • How do you keep boards from becoming bored with fund-raising?
  • When talking about fundraising results, are Executive Directors and Development Directors on the same page?

The Rescue Mission Development Outlook answers these questions and so many more.  The free report from Advocace reveals the current conditions of development for the nation's Christ-centered rescue missions and the outlook of the ministry's leadership.

Practical insight to grow donor relationships

Full of insight and commentary on today's effective practices, The Rescue Mission Development Outlook presents ideas and thought-provoking strategies to open more donor relationships with rescue missions.

  • Top ten most effective fundraising initiatives
  • Ten most challenging issues
  • Climate for today and future for mission fundraising
  • The unmentionable word: Competition
  • Is fundraising a demonstration of faith or an absence of faith?
  • The impact of major gifts on mission attitude
  • Most effective direct mail appeals at missions now
  • New Board of Directors alignment
  • and more!

Report Table of Contents

The Rescue Mission Development Outlook contains compelling statistical research and comments from rescue mission Executive Directors and Development Directors.  Here is a partial Table of Contents:

  • Faith vs. Influence in fundraising
    • Faith
    • Influence
  • Major gifts fuel satisfaction 
    • Key donor relationships drive success
    • Future funding found in major gifts
    • Common elements for success
    • What’s working with major donors
  • Direct mail: Donors respond
    • For mission donors, meals appeal
    • Personalization: Connecting mission and donor
    • Greater season’s greetings? 
    • Mailing frequency: Appeal matters
    • Acquisition efforts questioned
  • Events: Is the juice still worth the squeeze?
    • Proven events for rescue missions
    • Put events to work
  • Leadership grows the ministry and the money
    • Development valued by ministry team
    • Are boards bored with fundraising?
    • Engaging boards - Path to success
    • Board composition is key
  • Responding Missions

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