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Webinar: Everything You Ought to Know About Your Donors

The heart, faith and possessions

"It's hard enough to build donor relationships one at a time, but how do you build relationships thousands at a time?"

People want a relationship with you and your ministry, but how do you connect with these people in a meaningful way that doesn't distract from your program?

Whether you have a few hundred or a few hundred thousand donors, a purposeful relationship with your partners creates the opportunity for more income.  Advocace's Everything You Ought to Know About Your Donors shows you how to connect with your donors on a deeper level--even if you have thousands and thousands of donors.

Here's what you will take away from Advocace's Everything You Ought to Know About Your Donors webinar:

Advocace Development Academy
  • Connect deeper with your donors by discovering your donors' demographics, motivations and behaviors
  • Reach those who want to support you more with simple database segmentation
  • Keep you capital campaign from stalling through donor research
  • Identify surprising major gift prospects from people in your database
  • Make sure you donor communications hit the target with research

You may view a video of the webinar here.

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