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Drive Your Ministry’s Success: Three Principles of Development

If put on the spot, how would you answer the question: What is driving your ministry to greatness?

In one sense, your ministry is successful by doing the work God called you to do, doing it effectively and efficiently. But your ministry also flourishes because of the support it receives, the support of people who generously donate their time, talents, and treasure.

In order to do the work of ministry, you need to grow your base of support. That effort to grow the support for your ministry is called development. Development is not a secular, business or dirty word. In fact, development is Biblical.

To learn how to power your ministry’s development efforts based on sound Biblical principles, join Advocace’s team of professionals for our special webinar, Drive Your Ministry’s Success: Three Principles of Development.

What you'll take away from this 30 minute webinar:

  • What it means for your ministry to be a steward of all God has given it
  • How your leadership carries a responsibility for ministry resources
  • The connection between Biblical stewardship, ministry leadership and fundraising
  • The Biblical power of community in your ministry organization
  • The Biblical role of development in propelling the growth of your ministry 

You may view a video of the webinar here.

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