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The Advocace Advantage

When you work with Advocace, your organization benefits from a team of Christian professionals committed to helping your organization grow. The Advocace Advantage is evident in your organization's results.

Improved revenue stream

"Advocace works side by side with you to champion your ministry and guide you in building a community of support around your cause. We don’t just leave you with a cookie-cutter plan; we work with you every step of the way to ensure proper implementation for the action steps we design. We are true working partners."

Paul Martin

Paul Martin
President / Consultant

Advocace coaches your team to create a development system which delivers consistent and repeatable funding for your ministry. Through development systems, training, reporting, leadership training, Advocace can create a framework for your ministry within which you can grow your ministry through increased and systematized donor funding.

More donors

Through donor intelligence, marketing and communications systems, leadership training, Advocace can help you ministry identify, engage and cultivate  more donors in support of your cause.

Clear vision and mission

Advocace helps your team communicate ithe organization's vision and mission in a way that powerfully connects with and motivates current supporters and prospective donors and draws them into a closer relationship.

Strategic planning

Advocase can help your ministry leadership create a strategic plan with appropriate action steps to make your ministry’s vision come into focus. Advocace doesn’t just deliver a written plan; we work with your ministry every step of the way in accomplishing specific measurable goals.            

Increased confidence in the development process

With donor intelligence, development and leadership training, marketing and development systems, Advocace can empower your organization to become proficient at understanding and connecting with donors in a consistent, professional, repeatable, focused and efficient manner.

Effective Capital Campaigns

Your ministry may have an immediate, time-sensitive need for funding whether for a building, new equipment, retiring s debt, or building an endowment. Whatever your need, Advocace can help guide you on the best plan for communicating your ministry’s need and engaging your community in a campaign of support.

Empowered leadership

Advocace helps your leadership do more than manage processes. Leading a nonprofit organization requires a servant’s heart. Servant leaders are workers themselves and they lead by example through effort, sacrifice and personal giving. Advocace helps leaders hone the essentials for driving growth of the ministry by: defining goals, maximizing effective communications across the ministry community to connect with staff and donors, and improving the efficiency and productivity of team members through accountability systems.

Energized Board

By helping board members understand how biblical stewardship principles apply to development, Advocace prepares your board to be a major catalyst in the growth of your ministry through personal commitment and donor engagement.

Expanded reach of your ministry

With additional streams of predictable revenue your ministry can touch the lives of more people. Advocace can help you put in place and execute a program for building a donor community which funds the work of your ministry so that it can do more.

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