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Bethesda Christian Broadcasting: Inspired by the Vision

Bethesda Christian Broadcasting was doing just fine providing Christian radio programming to its audiences in Wisconsin, South Dakota and Maine. They were raising enough money to cover their monthly operating expenses. Then Dave Gordon, Executive Director of Bethesda, realized things had to change. The radio stations desperately needed new equipment and that required funds far in excess of the usual trickle of revenue. As he studied this leadership challenge, he was inspired to do more with the ministry. The new equipment could not only sustain Bethesda’s outreach, it could serve as a catalyst for expanding the ministry’s impact on the community.

“Thanks to Advocace the ministry team at Bethesda is now well prepared to engage donors and share our vision of impacting lives by sharing the love of Jesus Christ. I am confident we will not miss out on the opportunities which the Lord places before us.”

Dave Gordon, Executive Director
Bethesda Christian Broadcasting
Need for a Capital Campaign

The challenge was then twofold: first, how to raise the money for the new equipment; second, how to develop a recurring revenue stream which could support a larger vision for the radio outreach to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Borrowed Expertise: Advocace

Dave knew he needed wise counsel, so he contacted Advocace. Randy Bronkema sat down and prepared a detailed discovery of Bethesda’s history, goals, resources, needs and dreams. Once that big picture was clear, Advocace conducted a feasibility study regarding the capital campaign for the new equipment. Once that study was done, the work began. Randy worked with the Bethesda team and helped them craft a sharper, larger vision for their organization. The next step was to translate that vision into a message which could be transmitted to supporters of the ministry. Randy and the Advocace team helped the Bethesda team identify key supporters and prepare to present Bethesda’s case for support.

Development: An Essential Part of Bethesda’s Ministry

As a result, the Bethesda team is now fully engaged in the important ministry job of development. They are enjoying success and are growing in confidence as they understand that people will support their ministry out of the goodness of their hearts when they see the Lord’s work being accomplished and celebrated. Major donors are stepping forward and are joining the Bethesda community. The vision of Bethesda communicates values, biblical values, which all Christians share. The work of Bethesda Broadcasting is work which an entire community can embrace, including those who serve and those who support with their financial resources.

Stewards of God’s Ministry

For Bethesda Broadcasting, their ministry is more than radio: it’s about living as stewards of God’s resources and connecting with fellow men and women who share their vision for the Kingdom.

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