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Glenforest School: Making the Grade for Success

Development is often not an inherent strength of most nonprofit organizations. Yet with a little help from Advocace, even organizations with a “checkered past” in fundraising can experience success when a solid plan, based on sound principles and proven methods, is put into place.  Just ask Advocace client, Chris Winkler, Headmaster at Glenforest School.

About Glenforest School

Glenforest is a 30 year-old private school devoted to helping children in grades K -12 who learn differently, including those with autism, dyslexia and ADHD. Many of the working families who need the school most cannot afford its $13,000 annual tuition.  

“Our development path at Glenforest was marred by a lot of failure. We always seemed to struggle getting a plan together and getting everyone moving in the right direction.  But working with Advocace started producing good results.  Our board and staff are really excited now about our fundraising.”

Chris Winkler
Glenforest School

Advocace and Glenforest School

Advocace’s Jerry Grimes worked closely with Chris Winkler and Glenforest’s board to design and implement a comprehensive development plan covering donor communications and stewardship, major gifts, fundraising and community events, as well as board engagement. With Advocace’s help, Glenforest reversed a pattern of declining fundraising results. With donor income on the upswing and the new development plan bearing fruit, Glenforest can now focus on enlarging its scholarship fund and expand its student base by more than 25%.  

Put the Advocace Advantage to Work 

If your organization needs a plan with proven results to jump-start a development campaign, Advocace can help.

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Advocace Solutions
for Glenforest School

Glenforest School received the Advocace advantage with these services:

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