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Grace Bible College and Development: Success is Contagious

When Grace Bible College realized they needed to reconsider their entire approach to development, they called Advocace. Working with Advocace, Grace Bible College launched a professional development campaign rooted in GBC's vision, built on powerful beliefs. 

The enthusiasm generated by the vision and the development initiative yielded fundraising success and the energy spread to the college as a whole. The donor community has grown, financial support has increased, and at the same time, student enrollment is up significantly.

It All Starts With a Vision

Advocace’s Randy Bronkema worked closely with Vice President of Advancement Greg Heath to build a plan from the ground up by articulating a vision. What did they want to achieve? Why? GBC had a powerful commitment  to “graduating Godly individuals to prepare to serve Christ in church and society.”

"Advocace’s Randy Bronkema brought to us a passion for living out our vision. He listened carefully and we were able to formulate a stable and focused plan to lead us in a new direction. The Grace team embraced Advocace’s honest assessment and heartfelt recommendations. As a result, Grace Bible College is now initiating a transformation of our culture of advancement, ultimately benefiting many students and alumni for years to come!"

Greg Heath
VP-Institutional Advancement
Grace Bible College

"Beyond the Bricks"

Advocace prepared a disciplined communications program to connect supporters with Grace Bible College by promoting the vision and beliefs of Grace Bible College. That communications campaign was carefully planned, faithfully executed, and meticulously tracked for results.

The campaign, called “Beyond the Bricks,” has been an unmitigated success. As GBC shares its vision, the college’s leaders are forging strong relationships with donors committed to Christian education and leadership. The formula is straightforward: clear vision, disciplined communications, monitored results. As a result, a community has been born, a community of ongoing support.

Funding Your Vision

If your nonprofit organization needs funding, it all begins with passion and excitement for tomorrow. Advocace can help lay the foundation for building a community of support that is drawn to your beliefs and your vision.

Advocace. Building a community of support around a vision. Yours.

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