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STAR 88.3. Ft. Wayne, Indiana: The Checks Really Were in the Mail!

WLAB helps build homes with Habitat for Humanity and Income with AdvocaceIn a time of economic uncertainty, can a Christian organization truly expect and attain positive results from a fundraising program?


Just ask Melissa Montana, General Manager of STAR 88.3 in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, about her experience with a comprehensive development plan put together by the team at Advocace.

Advocace Builds Results

One fundraising letter brought in more than $18,000 in donations, mostly from lapsed donors, some of whom had not given to STAR 88.3 in several years.

“We’ve seen income jump by more than 20% in just four months. Advocace is helping us focus on development efforts that are really getting fast results.”

Melissa Montana
General Manager
STAR 88.3 / Ft. Wayne, Indiana

Advocace’s Jerry Grimes sat down with Melissa and other members of her executive team to craft a unique plan which capitalized on STAR 88.3’s many strengths. The plan had to fit STAR 88.3’s resources on hand, so it was divided into three phases: a “crawl” phase, implementing basic strategies using resources already on hand; a “walk” phase, where more outside resources would be brought to bear; and a “run” phase, that will maximize income and make the radio station one of the top-funded Christian organizations in the region.

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If your nonprofit organization is under pressure to improve income flows, Advocace can help you create and implement a plan that drives immediate positive results. 

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