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The Sound of Life Radio Engages Donors

Sound of Life Radio Network grew quickly and raised enough money to put the broadcast facilities on the air, but the day-to-day operations were left underfunded and their vital capital needs went unmet.

Sound of Life's development efforts on their own were not effective enough to pull them out of the operating deficit or buy the new equipment they needed.  The network felt like it was 'going to the well' too many times with their on-air appeals--and those on-air appeals became less effective. Sound of Life contacted Advocace to create a complete development plan including less on-air fundraising and more face-to-face, off-air development.

“In only a few short weeks, our relationship with Advocace built a development plan that immediately began attracting significant new donations. This plan is personal to our needs and empowering to our team. We are doing things we have never done before thanks to Advocace!”

Tom Michaels Zahradnik
General Manager / CEO
Sound of Life Radio Network

Within six weeks of working with Sound of Life, Advocace invited eight prospective donors to participate in the life of the network in a major way.  All eight prospects became significant donors and began funding the network at a level that neither the station--nor the donor--ever considered.  Enough money was pledged and fulfilled to more than pay for Advocace's involvement for 18 months.

In addition, Sound of Life's income from direct mail appeals dramatically increased. Advocace created a communications strategy which appealed to the value of the network’s Christian vision. These messages relayed to prospective donors the impact they could make in their community for the Gospel.

Today, Sound of Life is building deeper relationships with listeners, community leaders and donors to create a strong community of ongoing support.

Advocace. Building a community of support around a vision. Yours.

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