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WKNZ - 88.7 The Bridge: A Jump Start With Advocace 

When WKNZ--88.7 The Bridge got its license to operate, General Manager Bill Sammons didn’t waste any time. They had no development team, no development plan, and no database. 

For some that would seem like a deep hole from which to dig. For Bill and The Bridge, it was merely a blank slate. Rather than grow their own expertise and learn painful lessons along the way, The Bridge decided to borrow the development expertise they needed. They hired Advocace.

Seeing the Vision

Advocace quickly understood The Bridge’s passion: to be plugged into and serve their local community. They wanted the radio ministry to be about connecting people with the Lord, and with one another through The Bridge.  And that, they have!

The Bridge is helping nonprofits across Delaware with strong connections--including jail-break fundraisers that hold Bill hostage.

Setting the Plan

From that solid core of Biblical principles, Advocace designed a development campaign integrated with the radio sharathon approach. Mailings went out asking for donor support as lead and matching gifts to start up the sharathon effort. The mail appeal brought in more than they hoped and the resulting sharathon also exceeded their goal by over 30%.

Thanks largely to Advocace, 88.7 The Bridge has shown positive cash flow and steady increases in donor income since our second month on the air almost two years ago.  We've learned how to implement systems to help us measure what works and what needs tweaking, and we're able to keep the main thing the main thing:  serving our community with the love of Christ.

Bill Sammons
General Manager
WKNZ-88.7 The Bridge
Milton, Delaware

Celebrating the Results

The results of partnering with Advocace as a radio ministry start-up were immediate. Counter to industry norms, The Bridge was cash flow positive in the second month of the engagement with Advocace.

Beyond Fundraising

The Bridge also counted on Advocace for sound advice beyond fundraising. Since Advocace works with a large number of Christian radio ministries, we were able to draw on the best practices of our clients to offer solid business-building ideas to The Bridge. What 88.7--The Bridge got was a ministry partner who shared in their passion for bringing the value of the Gospel to their community.

If your nonprofit needs expert advice and help in development, you don't have to reinvent the wheel. You can borrow Advocace’s expertise!

Advocace. Building a community of support around a cause. Yours.

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WKNZ - The Bridge FM

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