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The Development Evangelist by Jerry Grimes, CFRE

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You Have Not Because You Ask Not


Busyness and fundraising seem to go together.  We've always reports to run, letters to write, brochures to print and events to plan.  But why is it that when it comes to asking, the one thing all of this activity is meant to support, we find it much easier to find something else to do? Let's be honest.  Most of us hate asking just about anyone for almost anything. We hate to ask mostly because we are afraid of being told "no."  Its like that one, two little word is a stake and we're Dracula. We're afraid "no" will be driven through our hearts and kill us for all eternity.  It's a silly fear, really. No one has ever died from being told "no."  And often in the final analysis, "no" doesn't even mean "no."  (For more on "The Many Faces of No" read an earlier blog post here.) Another reason we hate to ask is because we hate to be asked, ourselves...Or so we think.  The truth is, when we can respond with a "yes" we actually enjoy the experience of being asked.  It ...

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Your Real Goal in Fundraising


What's The Purpose?  As crazy as it may sound, the purpose of your fundraising effort is not reaching the goal.  God is much bigger than any monetary need you may have.  You can't even think of a need big enough to be a concern for Him. He could miraculously provide your goal in a matter of seconds without a campaign or even so much as a phone call. After all, Jesus says he already knows what we need before we ask Him.  (Matthew 6:8) So the true purpose of development has to be something else. What is it?  I'd like to suggest it's ministry. God wants to use you, your team and your donors to accomplish His will, and along the way, reveal truth about who He is and how He does things...So He can be glorified.  In this way, development is as much a part of ministry as preaching the Word, baptizing converts, discipleship and serving the poor.  I like how Henri Nouwen put it in his classic booklet: "The Spirituality of Fundraising:" "Fundraising is, first and foremost, a min ...

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Smaller Playlist Can Lead To Bigger Number$


Looking for reasons why your phones didn't seem to ring during your last sharathon? Take a long, hard look at your programming.  Worth Repeating: The Benefits of a Tighter Playlist To be sure, many consultants are guilty of stating the obvious and then charging for it.  I say this to warn you, chances are if radio has been your game for any length of time, you probably have heard these words before:  "Your play list is too big."    Quite a few station owners and programmers are still laboring under the delusion that it is a good thing to offer listeners "a greater variety of music," when it has been proven time and time again that this approach is actually a cume killer.  It may not be how you like your radio station to sound, but you aren't programming it for yourself.  Your mission should be to reach as large of an audience as you can with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.   The best analogy to explain this is a beam of light.  A diffused beam will not go very far ...

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Six Steps To Better Share-A-Thons


I t’s Share-A-Thon Time! Does that make you want to do a little happy dance around your office or find solace in a big bag of Cheetos?  Based on conversations with GM’s across the country, I am thinking Chester Cheetah is going to see record sales again this spring.  Which brings me to the simple question, is it supposed to be this way?   The fear is palpable and the questions hanging over our heads can almost be seen by everyone we pass...  “Will we make our goal? It’s bigger than last  year!”  “What happens if the phones don’t ring? What will I do?”  “Is our team really ready for this?”  Could there a be a better approach to Share-A-Thons?  Is there a way to minimize the risks, reduce the fear and in general make them less of a big, hairy deal?  I think there are six action steps you can take right now to transform how you and your staf ...

  1. Re: 7 Ways to Retain More Donors

    Great stuff! So good to see you link donors with the work. Remember how Paul linked the supporting folks...

    -- Jamie

  2. Re: Fundraising's Duh Factor: Keep more donors, raise more money

    Great read, I can appreciate the small things that keep the donor engaged.

    -- LaTanya

  3. Re: The Lapsed, Declined & The Disengaged

    Thanks Jerry. Organizations can also engage a credit card processing provider who enables donors to make...

    -- MKordic

  4. Re: Asking Naturally: Replacing Fear With Faith

    Thanks for the great post, Jerry--full of biblical truth! We join the Lord in His work through ministry...

    -- Will Stevens

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I’ve been involved in the media for over 30 years with experience that spans television, radio and print. But my growing passion over the past decade has become development for non-profit organizations.

I love being a special friend and advisor to dozens of ministry leaders and radio station managers across the country. (I believe Christian radio has only just begun to reach its full potential.)Many non-profit organizations are functioning at a level far below what they could achieve if development were given its proper place in the management process.

My skill set includes development, marketing, strategic planning and leadership development as a certified Ministry Coach..

Before joining Advocace, I served as a development consultant for another firm, and as General Manager for one of the top Christian music stations in the country, and as Donor Marketing Director for WAY-FM Media Group. I also enjoyed raising funds as Director of Development for the University Of South Carolina School Of Law, as well as an active speaker, writer and facilitator.

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