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The Development Evangelist by Jerry Grimes, CFRE

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Volunteers: You Have Not Because You Ask Not


The Missing Ingredient Ever forget to mix just one ingredient into a recipe only to experience disastrous results? Bread won't rise without yeast, cakes go flat without a little baking powder and eggs just don't taste right without salt.  Leaving out just one, small ingredient can make all the difference.   That's true for your ministry, too, especially if the missing ingredient is a volunteer program.  I am amazed that ministry people we talk to all around the country are so overworked and hampered financially, yet they almost refuse to seek out volunteers who can help them.  Volunteers can breathe new life into your ministry, help you do more with less, and interestingly, dramatically improve your development program. Ask, Seek, Knock Volunteers can come from a variety of sources.  Christian radio stations need only advertise their need for volunteers to help out in the office, make donor calls, handle the mail, run events and more just by running a few spots or "liner ...

  1. Re: 7 Ways to Retain More Donors

    Great stuff! So good to see you link donors with the work. Remember how Paul linked the supporting folks...

    -- Jamie

  2. Re: Fundraising's Duh Factor: Keep more donors, raise more money

    Great read, I can appreciate the small things that keep the donor engaged.

    -- LaTanya

  3. Re: The Lapsed, Declined & The Disengaged

    Thanks Jerry. Organizations can also engage a credit card processing provider who enables donors to make...

    -- MKordic

  4. Re: Asking Naturally: Replacing Fear With Faith

    Thanks for the great post, Jerry--full of biblical truth! We join the Lord in His work through ministry...

    -- Will Stevens

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About Jerry

I’ve been involved in the media for over 30 years with experience that spans television, radio and print. But my growing passion over the past decade has become development for non-profit organizations.

I love being a special friend and advisor to dozens of ministry leaders and radio station managers across the country. (I believe Christian radio has only just begun to reach its full potential.)Many non-profit organizations are functioning at a level far below what they could achieve if development were given its proper place in the management process.

My skill set includes development, marketing, strategic planning and leadership development as a certified Ministry Coach..

Before joining Advocace, I served as a development consultant for another firm, and as General Manager for one of the top Christian music stations in the country, and as Donor Marketing Director for WAY-FM Media Group. I also enjoyed raising funds as Director of Development for the University Of South Carolina School Of Law, as well as an active speaker, writer and facilitator.

You can find out more about how I help non-profit organizations and how to contact me here.

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