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Advocace Assessment Tools

The starting point for any consulting engagement is the discovery process. At Advocace, we utilize a variety of tools to help us get a complete overview of our client partners. We understand that it is both necessary and wise to conduct a thorough diagnosis before formulating and applying our recommendations.

Advocace Ministry Capacity Framework (AMCaF)

“Advocace is unique in being able to provide a framework for objective analysis of our client’s operations. With ministries under tremendous pressure to control administrative costs, often the organizational capacity falls behind. We can apply our broad experience to assist organizational growth and sustained funding.”

Jamie Clark

Jamie Clark

By breaking down the various aspects of the ministry’s structure with the AMCaF℠, Advocace is able to focus on specific areas of need. The goal of walking through the AMCaF is that you will have a model of a healthy, sustainable organization. This gives you the opportunity to compare and contrast it with your own, in order that your ministry might have a more powerful Kingdom impact.

Mission Advancement Preparedness Assessment (MAPA)

Advocace’s Mission Advancement Preparedness Assessment (MAPA) helps ministries objectively evaluate and better align their strategies, operations and leadership development with their core values and mission—essentially aligning heart with hands.




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