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Advocace Ministry Capacity Framework

When you believe your nonprofit could make a larger impact in your community, the Advocace Ministry Capacity Framework (AMCaF) measures the ability of your organization to accomplish your vision. The AMCaF helps evaluate your ministry to improve sustainability and community impact.

AMCaF take a balanced look at the organization as a whole.

The AMCaF helps leaders take in the whole ministry, assessing one dimension at a time. You want your ministry to continue growing. This framework allows you to see any aspect that is restraining your ministry from growth.  


Discover a deeper understanding and how your ministry expresses its core mission, vision, values and corporate culture with Identity. Identity is the core of the framework and all expressions of the ministry represent the Identity of the ministry.

Strategy and Outcomes

What is important-right now-for the ministry to succeed with its vision?  By exploring Strategy and Outcomes organizations understand priorities and importance as well as timing and urgency. It also brings up discussions on exactly how will organizational leaders and staff know when they have succeeded. Each of these questions helps nonprofits move forward with a more clearly defined goal in mind.

The Execution Ring

The Execution Ring includes the visible portion of the organization. All of the Execution Ring pieces touch Identity, showing us not only that this is where we begin but that Identity is the foundation on which all of the others rest. Each individual piece of this ring leads to the visible expression of “Who must do what?” so that organizations understand which role each person plays in the ministry.

Leadership, Board and Staff

it takes people to make a ministry move.  Looking at leadership, board and staff helps your ministry discern the effectiveness of all levels of the organization. From the Leadership, Board and Staff level, the AMCaF helps leaders objectively see if effective teams are pursuing the vision, if all levels of the organization currently work well together and if the board actively participates in the organization.


“What resources will allow us to get to our goals?” is the question we ask in probing this AMCaF piece. That question opens an understanding of how to better move forward in donor development, business development, what fees to charge, how to receive grants as well as knowing grants for which you are eligible.

Program Service

Engaging with program service allows a ministry to answer the question, “How do we impact people?”  Usually this will display itself in services rendered, quality of service that provided and how effectively the ministry's "product" is delivered.


Diving into how the nonprofit operates allows the organization's leadership to ensure that the vision is working it's way into all aspects of the organization. This includes their employees feeling empowered to innovate, that communication is clear, and HR policies support the ministry. Also this clarity helps the IT team support all of the various departments and the organization gets a better idea of how the facilities can meet current needs.

Community Engagement

Analyzing how your ministry attracts people and sustains community relationships is vitally important. Engaging the community is relayed through the marketing of the organization, public relations and government relations.

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