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Mission Advancement Preparedness Assessment

When your organization is not achieving your vision as fast as you expect, Advocace’s Mission Advancement Preparedness Assessment (MAPA) helps ministries objectively discover the points of friction that slow or halt progress. MAPA helps organizations evaluate and better align their strategies, operations and leadership development with their core values and mission—essentially aligning heart with hands.

Drawing from the AMCaF℠, Advocace conducts a thorough and objective organizational analysis--discovering both core strengths and areas for organizational improvement. This confidential review deeply examines these key areas that commonly throttle or stop organizations from achieving their vision:

MAPA helps align heart with hands.


Discovering the impact of their ministry's Identity on daily staff duties, the staff becomes more focused as a whole organization on that mission. The MAPA uncovers the strengths and opportunities for organizations to grow by fully integrating Identity into those day-to-day responsibilities.

Strategy and Outcomes

Exploring Strategy and Outcomes helps organizations better understand what is most important right now in order to succeed. It also brings up discussions on exactly how will they know when they have succeeded. Each of these questions helps nonprofits move forward with a more clearly defined goal in mind.


Diving into how the nonprofit operates allows the leadership to ensure that the vision is working it's way into all aspects of the organization. For example, Operations includes the organization's employees feeling empowered to innovate, that communication is clear, and HR policies support the ministry. Also this clarity helps the IT team support all of the various departments and the organization gets a better idea of how the facilities can meet current needs. 

Leadership, Board and Staff

Taking a look at Leadership, Board and Staff helps the ministry discern the effectiveness of all levels of the organization. Ministry leaders can objectively see if effective teams are in place, if all levels of the organization currently work well together and if the board actively and appropriately participates in the organization.

Following a two-day on-site visit for data gathering with the Executive Management Team, and an in-depth, confidential on-line survey of all your staff, the Advocace Team will provide you with the finished MAPA Report as well as recommendations for ongoing engagement and support in all areas of the Advocace Ministry Capacity Framework.

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