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Capital Campaigns

A capital campaign is a program to raise funds for a particular need or set of needs over a specified period of time with a set monetary goal. The campaign must be carefully organized, highly structured and have clear lines of leadership, responsibility and accountability.

Capital Campaign Feasibility Study

"The success of a capital campaign rests on three elements. First, it must have a compelling case. Second,the campaign objectives must hold real value for members of the  donor community. Third, the organization leadership and board must have a personal stake in the success of the campaign and be active participants as donors and champions."

Randy Bronkema

Randy Bronkema
Senior Consultant

Advocace helps you prepare to raise the funds you need for projects critical to your ministry. Through surveys and interviews with the donor community, Advocace communicates the case for the campaign to prospective donors and evaluates the potential of your ministry community to support it, both financially and as volunteers and champions for the cause. From our donor research we present concrete conclusions, make specific recommendations and propose how you can best move forward.

Capital Campaign Case Statement

Advocace creates a communication statement which ties your capital needs in this campaign to the strategic vision for your ministry, in order to make a compelling ask for donor support from the ministry community. The case includes your ministry’s present mission, current resources, potential for greater service, needs and vision.

Capital Campaign Review

Advocace helps you raise the funds you need for projects critical to your ministry. We analyze both current and past capital campaign efforts of your ministry looking at capital needs, the case statement, donor communications, donor engagement and donor satisfaction. Together we strive to build on past successes and identify potential focus areas in launching a successful campaign for future funding.


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