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Christian Radio: Growing Income from Sponsorship

Non-profit radio station managers wonder why some businesses choose to get on board other radio stations but not theirs. Often, businesses simply don't know how to get involved with stations for mutual gain--and that is where Advocace can help grow income for your station.

Advocace works with you and your team to help attract new funding from your local business community. Whether on-air, online or onsite, Advocace helps you connect with businesses in your market to fund your vision.

Your Station Can Have Healthy Relationships With Local Business...
And Not Sound 'Too Commercial'

With Advocace's Business Development Coaching, your station can achieve larger budgets and still avoid sounding 'too commercial.' We work with your station to create a strong, close relationship between local businesses--with good boundaries that keep your station sounding great.

"Building strong relationships in the local community centers around where the community gathers--local business. The key is to make business involvement integrate into the programming and development life of your station."

Jerry Grimes

Jeff Crabtree
Senior Consultant

Our secret: Advocace trains business development representatives to find the real vision of local business leaders and then merge their vision with your station's direction. As a direct result of our training, stations are seeing dramatic gains in income without encroaching on the station's image.

Putting Best Practices From Across The Country To Work For Your Station

Advocace works with hundreds of listener-supported radio stations from coast-to-coast and develops 'best practices' for business partner recruitment that stay inline with the original mission of stations like yours. We discover the uniqueness of your station's brand and culture, then suggest field-proven approaches for business development that can help your station grow. From underwriting strategy to online and event sponsorship, Advocace helps you build a business development program that complements your brand.

With Advocace's initial and continuing training for radio business development professionals, your station's staff can ask for greater budgets and guide prospective business partners through the regulatory hurdles. With Advocace's coaching, your business development leadership stays on track to achieve your goals.

Business Development Leadership Coaching:
Stay On Target To Meet Your Objectives

Most station managers never dreamed they would manage a group of business development professionals. Advocace helps station leadership develop, build and grow business development departments that provide real value to your organization.

One thing is certain about business development teams: change. When your station approaches a change in team members, Advocace helps you recruit, interview, hire and train the kind of business development professionals that can make a big difference for your station.

One of the great challenges for leaders of listener-supported stations: how do we pay business development professionals in a non-profit environment? With our experience at stations from coast-to-coast, Advocace can help build compensation programs to fit with the concerns of your staff, donors and board.

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