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Development System

Development is not a part-time job. It requires dedication, planning, and diligence in execution.Your ministry never rests. As a consequence, you wrestle with numerous issues every day, including:

  1. How can we organize our team to accomplish more in the same amount of time?
  2. How can we mobilize the additional human resources we need to fuel our ministry’s expansion?
  3. How can we attract more funding to power our work as a ministry?
  4. How do we effectively tell our story to bring on partners for our ministry?
  5. How do we connect our staff, our board, our leadership, our donors and our sponsors into a united community focused on our cause?

With Advocace as your partner we can work through these issues from a unified perspective. The organizing principle for the work of powering your ministry is the development system.

"For a nonprofit to thrive, its leadership must embrace the idea that development is a foundational element of the ministry. When the Apostle Paul carried the gospel throughout Asia Minor, he also appealed for funds for the church to continue its work of feeding the poor in Jerusalem. Development as a biblical principle is vital to the life of any Christian ministry."

Paul Martin

Paul Martin
President / Consultant

Development Engine Architecture

Advocace takes an actionable, results-oriented perspective on your ministry’s development program through a comprehensive analysis of all your ministry’s moving parts. The integration of these research points into a comprehensive plan is a proprietary tool of Advocace we call our Development Engine Architecture. The moving parts include all the key components of your ministry’s development efforts: your fundraising program, objectives, case, leadership requirements, timetable, personnel requirements, and budget; and the overall strategy and implementation plan for the campaign.

Annual Fund Development Plan

Advocace works with your leadership and staff to create a system which provides a steady flow of contributions to fund your ministry’s ongoing operational expenses.

Database Building

Advocace provides a tactical plan to increase the number of prospective, qualified donors your organization can invite to support the ministry through targeted communications and engagement strategies. The object is to allow the development team to work with a live list of donors who have the ability, linkage and interest to support your ministry.

Advocace. Building a community of support around a vision. Yours.

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