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Larger Gifts in Less Time: DonorCompassSM

DonorCompass from AdvocaceWhen Christian ministry leaders don’t have the time to see every possible donor, DonorCompassSM helps them attract larger gifts in less time.

DonorCompassSM, Advocace’s wealth screening service, gives Christian ministries a way to prioritize cultivation efforts to raise major gifts and secure planned giving commitments from people in their database. DonorCompassSM reduces the guesswork, allowing the ministry leader to know exactly which donors have the ability to support their ministry in a larger capacity.

"DonorCompass helps you become a better steward of your time by helping you focus on the key relationships God has given you with high capacity donors. Just the giving history isn’t enough to go on. That’s the past. DonorCompass shows you what the future could be with proper cultivation. You will learn which donors in your file are capable of giving significant gifts to fund the vision God has given you."

Jerry Grimes

Jerry Grimes
Senior Consultant

One southern ministry had thousands of names in their database, but had no idea which ones to ask for major gifts. Through DonorCompassSM the ministry discovered that 14 donors had the capacity of $10 million gifts–each! Nine of those donors had given less than $300 in the previous year, so the ministry would never had any indication that the donors could consider a large gift.

Wealth Screening

With DonorCompassSM, you simply send a spreadsheet with the names and addresses of donors you desire to prioritize with wealth screening. DonorCompassSM scans 13 different public and private databases, inspecting over 500 data points. In short order, you receive a spreadsheet showing the Gift Capacity Rating for each name submitted with a corresponding dollar value estimate for a suitable gift. The Gift Capacity Rating shows the donor's ability to make a gift over a five year period to his or her favored institution. DonorCompassSM also gives you other wealth indicators and identifying information for each donor you provide. 

With DonorCompassSM, one Gospel rescue mission identified 156 prospects with the capacity to give at least $25,000 to the organization and many more with gift capacities of $1,000 or more.

Big Data

DonorCompassSM builds on big data to locate big gifts for your ministry. While the big data that drives DonorCompassSM is publicly available (stock holdings, real estate, board memberships, political donations, etc.), the processing uses proprietary algorithms that provide understanding of the donor’s capacity to support their favorite charities and causes.

Underneath DonorCompassSM is a reliable, trustworthy system used by some of the nation’s largest health-related charities, colleges and universities. DonorCompassSM puts these big data sources to work for your ministry using biographical information, hard asset sources, and philanthropic activity sources. 

The leader of a Christian radio station ordered DonorCompassSM for his entire database—he wanted to know with whom to share his vision that could support the ministry with five, six and seven figure gifts to fund the station’s expansion. Now, he orders DonorCompassSM after each Partnership Drive to see which new donors should be added to his Major Gift and Planned Giving priorities list.

Affordable and Effective

DonorCompassSM is available as part of a package of consulting services or separately from Advocace.

With DonorCompassSM you can screen as many donors and prospects as you like. The more names you screen, the more you save—and Advocace consulting clients enjoy substantial savings.

Grow Gifts with DonorCompassSM

To get more information or receive a quote, use the form on the right to send us an estimate of the number of records to be screened.

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