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Fundraising: The Art of Engaging Donors

Advocace helps nonprofits acquire the requisite knowledge and skills to implement the necessary tactics in order to engage the donor community. Great organizations grow through continuous learning and training. Coaching is essential for all ministry professionals who seek to fulfill their roles as stewards of God's ministry.

Donor Engagement 

"Most nonprofit leaders spend over 90% of their time on the work of the ministry they have been called to serve. Advocace helps leaders become skilled in that aspect of their ministry which garners less of their time and attention: development."

Jerry Grimes

Jerry Grimes
Senior Consultant

Advocace conducts on-site training, teleconferences and coaching necessary to advance the development office through best practices and skills-building.  This coaching includes both the strategy and tactics needed to establish and nurture relationships in order to grow income. Development activities range from donor communications to one-on-one engagements, from executing an annual fund to procuring major gifts and legacy giving. Advocace shares its expertise in donor engagement through formal training sessions as well as one-on-one meetings with your ministry team.

Presentation Skills

Advocace works with your leadership and development teams to ensure professional quality presentations to key constituents of your ministry community. Advocace prepares talking points and visual and written aids for staff as they prepare to meet with donors and foundations, supervisory bodies or your ministry board. Advocace creates the presentation content able to resonate with targeted constituents and organize your presentation for maximum impact.

Sharathon Integration Planning (Christian Radio)

Advocace works with your station personnel to create a year-round development strategy which integrates your sharathon cycle into the overall fundraising plan. Donors are encouraged that sharathons are only one part of your ministry’s professional fundraising program which provides a steady stream of funds for your station’s ministry.

Challenge Fund Calling (Christian Radio)

Advocace works with your development team to directly engage major gift prospects in order to build a challenge fund which can serve as the foundation for pledge drive events.

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