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Major Gifts Program

Regularly securing major gifts (or “gifts of significance”) is the key to financial vitality and organizational sustainability for every nonprofit organization, whether a school, missions group, listener-supported radio station, or Christian outreach ministry of any kind.  Carefully cultivating and developing relationships with donors capable of making four, five and even six-figure contributions must be a vital part of every nonprofit's fundraising strategy. Advocace helps our clients identify major donors and develop a customized program to engage them appropriately and constructively in order to produce vibrant, long-term relationships.

Major Gifts Strategy

"Individuals decide to become major donors to an organization because they wish to do something positive with the wealth God has given them, by meeting the needs of others  through an agent, your ministry, which can deliver services efficiently and effectively. By becoming a part of a ministry "bigger than oneself," a major donor shows gratitude to God, honors Him by helping His people, and derives personal satisfaction from the relationship."

Randy Bronkema

Randy Bronkema
Senior Consultant

Advocace helps clients understand the biblical foundations and special nature of major gifts relationships. Nonprofit leaders must carefully steward major donor relationships through a God-honoring process that shapes hearts and minds. The fruit of this process is when current supporters grow into generous providers who are glorifying God through major gifts to ministries doing His work.

Major Gifts Training

Most non-profit leaders have some experience working with major donors. But many nonprofits have ignored major gifts and rely instead on other means of fundraising. Certain ministries, for example, Christian radio, focus on raising funds through concentrated fundraisers, collecting a few dollars at a time through annual fundraising events or seasonal letters. Advocace specializes in helping all nonprofit organizations succeed with major gifts by teaching basic, biblically-grounded principles and by offering practical, hands-on training. Advocace's Major Gifts Training sharpens skills, promotes intentionality and builds systems of accountability across all levels of nonprofit leadership.The goal is to help nonprofits systematically raise more funds from a larger and growing pool of major donors.

Major Gifts Tracking

Advocace has developed proprietary methodology that is helping our nonprofit clients succeed in the major gifts arena through the systematic organization of donor engagement activity and the meticulous tracking of fundraising results. Metrics from tools which are simple to implement and easy to review help leaders succeed with major gifts even if they have found little success in the past.

Major Gifts Coaching

Leaders thrive when they  pursue clear goals and are driven by powerful and personal motivating factors. Advocace’s consultants draw from real life experience in fundraising and work alongside our clients and their major gifts teams to promote accountability through effective coaching. As we often say, “we’re in this together” when it comes to implementing a major gifts campaign.

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