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Advocace Funding Solutions: National Underwriting

Advocace partners with Christian radio stations across the country to offer national underwriting services. Advocace understands that Christian radio professionals are gifted and focus on applying their talents to what they do best: radio ministry. Advocace’s expertise is in planning and spurring the financial growth of our client partners. Together, Advocace and Christian radio stations work to grow their ministries in order to serve more people with the good news of the Gospel.

Funding Solutions

"When we sit down with Christian radio stations we look at all present and  potential sources of income. Underwriting revenue can, alongside sharathons, complement a comprehensive development program which aims at building ongoing support from donors who are connected by one thing: your mission!"

Jeff Crabtree

Jeff Crabtree
Senior Consultant

Advocace works closely to understand the financial needs of its clients to craft and implement funding solutions that make an immediate impact. Advocace regularly secures underwriting from national advertisers for placement on our clients’ airwaves, digital media, and direct mail offerings. These advertisers come from a host of industries including motion pictures, television, books, Christian retail, ministries, events, conferences and programming.

Benefits of National Underwriting  

National underwriting offers several benefits to Christian radio stations:

  • Helps reduce revenue swings
  • Complements the results of sharathons
  • Proves recurrent and renewable
  • Present a message which blends in with the Christian message of the station

Funding Solutions for Your Ministry

National underwriting is one component of a comprehensive approach to securing funding solutions for Christian nonprofits. If you find your nonprofit’s mission and growth held back by funding shortfalls, Advocace can help you build multiple sources of ongoing support. 

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