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Strategic Planning and Leadership

A strategic plan is a program incorporating a strategy for accomplishing the goals and objectives of the ministry organization within a specific time frame with an action plan based on methods, priorities and resources. Leadership and board coaching involve the continuous transfer of best practices and customized skills essential to each ministry leadership team. Great leadership never stops learning.

Strategic Plan

“An organization’s vision, and the overall strategy for achieving it, can easily get lost in the distractions of everyday activity. The process of strategic planning helps safeguard mission-critical focus and objectives. This process and the resulting plan also provides clear definition and emphasis for the attainment of intermediate goals. Developing a strategic plan, while including various organizational representatives and stakeholders, creates a road map and plots landmarks along the path to the pursuit and achievement of your vision.”

David Hollenbaugh
Senior Consultant

Advocace reviews your ministry’s current strategic plan, then conducts an analysis of your current mission, vision, ministry objectives, goals and values. Together we craft a strategic plan which can achieve your ministry’s goals and realize your vision within a specified time frame and with a concrete plan of action which incorporates priorities, tactics, and resources.  

Case Statement

Advocace will create a case statement to communicate the ministry’s value to donors. A case statement includes reasons why your ministry merits support, including your resources, potential for greater service, needs, and vision.

Leadership Coaching

Advocace guides leaders on how to best model servant leadership. We also prepare and encourage them execute to the highest standards of nonprofit leadership by: setting goals, defining progress, measuring results, nurturing a culture of accountability, motivating and rewarding team members, as well as building and connecting  them to a community of support. Coaching is both formal and hands-on. For example, Advocace is available to accompany leaders on donor visits and prep leaders for effective board presentations.

Board Engagement

Advocace conducts on-site training with the ministry board to equip and encourage them to protect the mission, embrace the values, and further the vision of the organization. By motivating and encouraging board members to be active players in the fundraising process, these leaders become champions of your ministry to donors and prospective donors. Advocace’s board training culminates in a clearly articulated, written policy outlining the development responsibilities of the board.

Strategic Plan Update

Advocace facilitates an annual review of the status of strategy implementation. This update facilitates ministry leadership’s ability to update the organization’s vision and goals in light of new data and challenges.

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