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Advocace Solutions: Tailored for Your Organization

To accomplish the mission and realize the vision of your ministry, you need ongoing support. That is, you need a dependable source of vital resources, both financial and human. To do the work of ministry, you need money, not just right now, but money you can count on and plan for. 

With a predictable stream of financial support you can better plan and work toward your accomplishment of your mission. You also need human support. You need people to actively participate in your ministry as volunteers, and as donors, and as champions of your cause. You need a community that thrives by drawing more people to your cause.

Your Cause and a Community of Ongoing Support

"By understanding the unique set of issues your ministry faces, we create a plan to drive your organization's long-term success. We organize our strategic plan solutions, each of which contains a set of actionable items."

Randy Bronkema

Randy Bronkema
Senior Consultant

By building a community of ongoing support around your ministry’s cause you can gain two important advantages:

  1. A community of ongoing support allows you to fund and expand the services your ministry is currently delivering
  2. A community of ongoing support allows you to plan for growth and adopt management and development systems to make your   ministry operate more efficiently, doing more in the same allocation of time.

How can Advocace help you build a community of ongoing support? We provide the solutions to help you adopt the systems and skills to attract people to your cause. Advocace is all about people impacting people for the gospel.



Advocace. Building a community of support around a vision. Yours.

Solutions for Your Organization

Every non-profit organization is different. When Advocace begins work with an organization, we custom-tailor our solutions to meet the organization's need.

Here are portions of solutions that we see that many organizations need in our work together. Click on each solution to see more about how it can help non-profit organizations like yours grow.

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